Hours & Location

Monday - Friday: 11 am to 8 pm

203 S Knoblock, Stillwater, OK

Located where Subway used to be

We also cater!!



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k_tran@kimscuisine.net or



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A-1) 2 Eggrolls (vegetable, chicken, or chicken and pork), served with sweet and sour sauce - 2 for $2.50


A-2) 2 Spring rolls (contains shrimp, chicken, vegetable, herbs, and noodles) wrapped in rice paper and served with peanut sauce – 2 for $3.50


A-3) 2 Nem nuong” (sliced grilled pork meatballs with vegetables and herbs) wrapped in rice paper and served with a special house sauce – 2 for $3.50


A-4) Vegetable fried rice (with or without chicken) – Small: $2.50  Large: $6.00